by Tanay Patni

“Fake News” was named the word of the year in year 2017. Was it just another hype word or do we need to worried about it? The spread of fake news and hate speech is a real problem and probably one of the biggest. The spread of…

Jaskaran Bhatia is a CSE undergrad at BITS Pilani, Goa. He is a graphic design mentor at The GirlScript Foundation. He holds the position of Head of Videography at Department of Photography BITS Goa.

1. What got you interested in graphic designing and how were you introduced to it?

It’s a bit of a long story. I was initially HUGE into film making and video…

Rajaswa Patil is a research assistant at MIDAS-IIITD. He is a 4th year electronics student at BITS Goa. We recently talked to him to understand how he got into machine learning.

How did you decide that you want to start getting into the specific field you are in?

I started with ML due to motivation from my brother (who was working on self-driving cars back then). Like…

Devansh Agarwal is a 2nd Year Student pursuing CSE at BITS Goa. We caught up with him to understand how he cracked Google Summer of Code.

What’s your GSoC project?

This summer I will be working on a native android application “Mobile Wallet” to make the application consume Mifos’ Open Banking API layer and…


We are the IEEE BITS Goa student chapter. We are committed to enhancing the technical culture on campus and beyond.

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